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Nations Worship Ministries

Releasing the worship of Nations through Prayer & Missions

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Fathers Heart


To plant & equip churches and ministries around the world, so that we can see Christ Followers in the nations that bring their truest expression of worship unto God.-Matthew 28:19


Fathers Heart is the world-missions branch of NWM.We have had the privilege to serve many nations over the last few years. At the center of everything we are doing is missions. Our Youth and Community Service branches are also centered on missions. The ultimate focal point of missions is church planting in our opinion.So, we are going to do everything we can to plant churches wherever we go. At NWM we are taking a progressive approach to planting churches, but we believe we will get their soon. We believe in building the Kingdom one step at a time. We believe that missions is both international and local. Fathers Heart focuses alot more attention on the 10-40 Window in all its international missions effort. Followers of Christ must always live a missional lifestyles because we are called to make disciples. As a ministry, pray & intercession are the foundation and life source of mission. Our apostolic mandate is very well grounded in the prophetic. As we pray and seek God's face about the nations, He is able to instruct us in his word through the person of the Holy Spirit.The person of the Holy Spirit is who releases the prophetic voice of Heaven as we go to the nations.So at NWM we embrace the "apostolic mandate to go" and the "prophetic voice of God" in all things we do.

Types of NWM Missions:

  • Short Term: 2-4 Weeks
  • Long Term: 6 months-2 years or more

Here is a few facts that motivate us for missions:

  • There are 6.7 Billion people on the earth which represents 24 thousand nations and languages and peoples. Some of them have heard the gospel, some have not.
  • 8,000 people don't yet have native church movement and therefore no access to the Gospel, about 2.7 Billion individuals live in these people groups  

People Groups




Ethno-Religious Peoples


Non-Religious Peoples


Other Peoples


Hindu Peoples


Buddhist Peoples




What is needed?

  • People to go
  • Finances to send people
  • Prayer