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Evangelist J.M. Williams | Shekinah Mission International

The West African country of Guinea, with its 8 million inhabitants, is a Muslim country. Before 1990, there was a lot of Christians in the country, and it was forbidden to preach Christ. But in 1990 God began a rescue operation that would affect the entire country

And as "normal" started it with that God called a man. This man was the Evangelist J.M. Williams from Liberia via Nigeria.

Without speaking the language or know anyone in Guinea, he went in faith with 2 missionaries to Conakry, the capital. The first night they slept outside. The second day they met a Muslim lady who was ill. They prayed for her and she was healed. In gratitude, she let them stay with her.

The day they went around and talked to people about Jesus and someone came to faith. But most of them fell back because the price was too high when they came to baptism, for then they had to officially break with Islam.

In 1992, Williams went into 2 periods of 40 days of fasting. When he finished the second period came the breakthrough. People were healed when he passed them on the street. Lame got up, blind got sight, plus many other miracles!

Revival broke through and so many thousands came to faith in Jesus. At the same time increased the persecution and the converts were beaten and imprisoned. Many were also killed. Williams himself was both beaten and jailed during this persecution.

But persecution could not stop the revival that was like a fire from Conakry to the rest of the country. One of the fruits of this revival was that the ban on preaching Christ was abolished and the country got a new law that gave religious freedom !

The work that Evangelist Williams started called Shekinah Mission International. Shekinah means the glory of God. Today, the 250 churches across the country with a total of 650,000 members!

From Guinea has the revival spread to eight other African countries. So, please take some time to learn more about this incredible ministry at:

MAGED MEDHAT aka DOUBLE M | Urban Missionary

To find out more please visit:-


Brittany Kamruddin and her husband Javed are friends of the ministry. Brittany and Javed are both campus missionaries serving at Imperial College in London, England. They have been serving as campus missionaries for the last 7 years. Brittany is originally from America while Javed is from Britain.

In August 2009 (shortly after she and Javed were married) she was diagnosed with a number of strains of Lyme Disease and 2 co-infections (Erlychia and Babesia). Lyme Disease is a tick-borne infection with a spiral-shaped bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi.

Since 2009, Brittany has had extensive treatment in the USA and UK but she is still virtually housebound and has many very painful symptoms including heart palpitations, chest pain, extreme fatigue and fevers.

Recently Brittany and Javed found out about a clinic in Reno, Nevada which has been instrumental in the recovery from Lyme Disease of a friend's mother. Having done lengthy investigation into the treatments and the track record of the clinic as well as spending a long time praying about it, they have decided to head out to Reno for Brittany to be treated there.

Due to the cost of this treatment (estimated at £30,000 ($47,000)) and the fact that paying for past treatments has depleted their savings, Javed and Brittany are raising money to make it possible for Brittany to go to Reno to receive this treatment.


Lacey Green joined our ministry in 2010. Over the past few months its been a blessing to get to know her more and work with her. She joined us in Hip Hope Chicago and has been like a part of our family over here in DC. In June 2011, we sent her to ASIA to teach English for a year. Though she is abroad she is still a part of our ministry family. Will you join us in praying for her that Gods purpose will be done in her time abroad and she will have many opportunities to continue to grow and be a light to others


Daniel Kolhepp is currently in Dominican Republic. For the last 2 years Daniel has been focusing a lot on Dominican Republic and Haiti. His passion for evangelism and compassion/mercy ministries is unparalleled. Please continue to pray for Daniel.