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Take 5 Campaign


It has been said that less than 5% of Christians actually share their faith. The kingdom of God needs the body of Christ to rise up and love the lost. So, in 2009 the lord put a burden on our hearts to initiate the take 5 campaign. Even-though take 5 campaign focuses a lot of its efforts on the campus, its not only limited their.We see this extending to churches in the years to come. But for now, we are focusing on the university campus because we(NWM) believe that we are to raise up an army on the campus, that "know their God and do great exploits for Him". Most people become Christ Followers before the age of 25years. So, that is why it is important to raise up the culture of the gospel among students. Since the take 5 campaign

commenced on the campus of Long Beach State University we have seen many students empowered for the harvest on the campus. God has continue use take 5 campaign on many other campus and we see a progressive impact on many campuses around the world. So, if you want to see take 5 campaign on your campus or church click here!!



To create a culture of sharing the gospel, praying for others and serving those in need so that the body of christ can see godly impact on our campuses and cities .


Take 5 Campaign exists...............

To help people take 5 weeks of their lives to form the habit of intentionally reaching out to those around them through the gospel, prayer & serving.


Take 5 Campaign values...............

1. Love: loving God and our Neighbor

2. Evangelism: communicating the gospel.

3. Prayer: Praying for the Lost

4. Serving:helping others in need.

5. Discipleship:helping others follow Christ

6. Unity: Walking together with other Christians to advance God's kingdom

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