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NWM Blog

NWM Blog

Spiritual Leadership [Scriptural Commentary]

Posted by NWM on December 9, 2013 at 8:05 PM

It’s amazing how God’s word can guide us in all issues of life. Scripture says that all we need for life and godliness is in him. So, in this blog there will be an express focus on the principle of Spiritual Leadership.

Spiritual Leadership

Moses: Exodus 33:8, Numbers 10:29, Exodus 14:13, Exodus 7:6 are great scriptures that display leadership principles from Moses. The scriptures reveal that leadership requires courage, confidence, clear vision/goal, transparency and obedience to God’s voice. Exodus 33:8 teaches us the principle of transparency, because it showed how Moses interacted with God. The people watched as he went, in and out of the “tent of meeting”. As leaders in today’s world our followers (employees/members) should be able to see our lives (before God and man). Our business practices have to be upright and transparent. As an employee at a job we should always live transparent life-style. People should be able to see our lives. Numbers 10:29 teaches us the principle of confidence. Moses was extremely clear and confident about God’s direction for the people. Moses told his father-in-law come with us and we will do you good. Moses was confident and decisive because he was sure of Gods’ directives. We need more leaders that are confident when making decision. Leaders that can provide clear directives are very important in today’s world. At our jobs we should be confident and clear in our decision making. Exodus 7:6 teaches us the principle of obedience. As a Christian employer or employee we should only do what God has prescribed for us to do in his word. All Christian employers or employees should follow and obey God’s word if they want to be successful. Many business owners/ leaders are now abandoning Judeo-Christian values for secular values and philosophies.

Deborah: Judges 4:6-16 reveals the principle of courage and example. Deborah led by example and courage. She led Israel into battle even-though she was a woman and judge. Barak was too afraid to lead the people into battle but God gave Deborah courage to lead by example. She wasn’t passive in her leadership but she was courageous and she showed a great example to her followers. At our jobs we should also lead by example. The world needs people that can lead with courage. Ultimately people only do what they see us do and not just what we say.

-Seyi Ola


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