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NWM Blog

NWM Blog

Vows, Promises & Covenants [Scriptural Commentary]

Posted by NWM on December 6, 2013 at 1:45 AM

It’s amazing how God’s word can guide us in all issues of life. Scripture says that all we need for life and godliness is in him. So, in this blog there will be an express focus on the principle of vows,promises and covenants

Vows, Promises & Covenants

Deuteronomy 23:23, 1 Kings 5:6-12 and Ecclesiastes 5:5 reveals’ the basic principles of covenants and vows in the context of life and business. The scriptures listed above, reveals what God expects from us when dealing with covenants and vows as we interact with others. God takes covenants and vows seriously because He is a covenant keeping God. Having a covenant keeping God definitely set the ancient Israelites apart because the people around them saw a God that always came through for the people. That same God is still the God of the New Testament church and He expects the Church to also proclaim him as a covenant keeping. We declare and proclaim God has a covenant keeping God, when we also keep our covenants, vows and promises to others. Moses tells us in Deuteronomy 23:23 says we should be careful to do what we have promised or vowed out of our mouth to do. When we make an agreement/commitment, it’s always before the Lord and He wants us to hold down up our end of the bargain. Whether it’s verbal or written, we must perform what we promised to do. Many businesses default on their loans in the name bankruptcy because tax laws permit it, but God still requires us to keep our word. Some business owners or persons think they can easily default on verbal agreements because it is not written contract but God still wants us to honor verbal agreements (this doesn’t mean written agreements shouldn’t be used. Actually it’s always wise to have written contract to avoid any confusions or ambiguity).

When King Solomon had to build the Temple to the Lord he entered into a working and economic agreement with King Hiram. I kings 5:6-12 reveal that these two kings entered into a fair-trade agreement with each other. King Solomon needed materials (cedars) and skilled laborers to build the Temple. In exchange for the labor and material, King Solomon had to provide food/agricultural produce for King Hiram. These two kings made these agreements and they kept their words even-though there weren’t any high powered lawyers present. Scripture even said that “there was peace between Hiram and Solomon and the two of them made a covenant” (1 Kings 5:12b, New American Standard Bible). The two kings saw the verbal agreement they made as a covenant and not just a mere promise. A lot of nations and companies that have trade agreements can learn a lot from Hiram and Solomon. They never defaulted or defrauded each other. When we are honest and fair with others there will be more blessings at jobs and businesses.


-Seyi Ola


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